Amazon SES Email Marketing Software

Amazon has one of the greatest SMTP email marketing services on the web for the price. In this blog post we’re going to go over one of the best email marketing softwares that goes hand-in-hand with Amazon’s SES service. There are plenty of email marketing softwares that integrate with Amazon’s SES service. Which one is the easiest to use and has the same email marketing features that a company like Aweber has?


The best email marketing software that you can purchase is a program called Sendy. Sendy is designed from the ground-up to work with Amazon’s SES service. Under the settings menu there is a section to add your Amazon web services credentials. The first thing you need to add is your AWS Access Key ID and your AWS Secret Access Key. Then underneath that you need to add your Amazon SES region. Make sure the region matches what you set up in the Amazon SES console.


The last thing you need to setup is your sending rate. I usually choose 14 emails per second and I’ve had no issue with this setting. Lowering your send rate may yield better sending speed and stability. This all depends on your server and your settings in the Amazons SES console.


Another great feature is the Amazon sending quota section in the top left corner of the settings page. I kind of think of this feature as a gas gauge on a car. You can see how many emails you have left us in for the day It also shows your max send rate which can sometimes be a little lower than your current setting. The settings page is the only page that you need to enter your Amazon details in order for the Sendy application to work properly with Amazon.

So I would add more to this blog post but there’s nothing else to add. The conclusion is Sendy works extremely well with Amazon’s SES service.

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