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Amazon SES Email Marketing Software

Amazon has one of the greatest SMTP email marketing services on the web for the price. In this blog post we’re going to go over one of the best email marketing softwares that goes hand-in-hand with Amazon’s SES service. There are plenty of email marketing softwares that integrate with Amazon’s SES service. Which one is…

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Self Hosted Autoresponders Pros & Cons

We’re going to look over the pros and cons of self-hosted autoresponders. Email marketing autoresponders have been around since the early 90s. During the early years you had to pay monthly for these kinds of services. Since technology has gotten more affordable and reliable, having a self-hosted autoresponder has become more common. In this blog…

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Why You Should Build an Email List!

So why should you build an email list. I’m going to show you a scenario of three traffic types that exist online. Traffic you control. Traffic you don’t control. Traffic you own. So let’s go over traffic you control. Traffic you control is paid traffic such as Google ads, Bing ads, YouTube ads, and Facebook…

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