Why You Should Build an Email List!

So why should you build an email list. I’m going to show you a scenario of three traffic types that exist online.

  1. Traffic you control.
  2. Traffic you don’t control.
  3. Traffic you own.

So let’s go over traffic you control. Traffic you control is paid traffic such as Google ads, Bing ads, YouTube ads, and Facebook ads. You can turn this type of traffic on or off at any time.

Traffic you don’t control is traffic that just shows up at your website out of the blue.

Now the best traffic source is traffic you own. The traffic you own is your email list. Think about it you can create an email send it out and within hours get traffic back to whatever you’re trying to bring attention to. So if you think building an email list is complicated or you tried it before.

I’m going to show you three simple ways you can start building an email list today.

The first way you can build an email list is to ask current subscribers on social media to go subscribe to your email list. You want to make sure you give them an incentive for subscribing. Example an E book, access to a Video or anything that could motivate them to subscribe. AKA and ethical bribe.

The second way you can build an email list is to take advantage of not found pages on your website. Think about how many times’ somebody has gone to your website and went to a page that doesn’t exist. Wouldn’t it be smart if you created a capture form on your page not found page.

The third way you can build an email list is to create a viral sharing link. How this works is you lock up an exclusive bonus that they can have access to if they share your landing page. This is one of the fastest ways to get free traffic all day long.


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